Lebo Moatshe HIV: Bio, Age, Net Worth 2022

Lebo Moatshe HIV: Bio, Age, Net Worth 2022

Lebo Moatshe HIV: Bio, Age, Net Worth 2022

South African who successfully removed HIV from samples of sperm cell in a laboratory 

Truly, we do not have sufficient data about the female South African health worker, who successfully took out HIV from contaminated sperm cell in a lab.

Her bio which includes her age and date of birth, net worth, education, etc are not known yet, but be assured that as soon as we have these information, we shall share them out to the public.

Lebo Moatshe HIV (Removal Of HIV From Sperm Samples)

Just a few days ago, a popular Tweeter handle revealed that a South African lady has successfully removed HIV virus from samples of sperm cells, though Lebo came under the tweet to reveal that she wasn’t the first to carry out this procedure. She in fact revealed that the process has been carried out (decontamination procedures) by many other in different countries, but it was rather her first time.

In her words, it says “Thank you for sharing, however, I must clarify that I’m not the first person to do this procedure. It has been done by many over a period of years. It is a common thing in reproductive biology. I have just acquired the skill recently as an intern hence my post“.

It was further revealed that she had about 20 contaminated sperm samples of which she was able to decontaminate them all (removing HIV virus from semen).

Check out the full tweet below.


Lebo Moatshe Age (Date Of Birth)

Unfortunately, we do not have the age of birth of the South African health worker, and so we do not know her age.

Lebo Moatshe Net Worth 2022

We do not also know her net worth, but we can give a rough estimate of about 100,000$.

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