Dj melzi Cheated On The Bomb SA?

Dj melzi Cheated On The Bomb SA? Who Is Amogelang Manyisa?

Dj melzi Cheated On The Bomb SA? Who Is Amogelang Manyisa?

Today we have to talk a little about the cheating rumors around Dj melzi, The Bomb SA akaΒ Andiswa Selepe Tshabalala TheBomb RSA

and Amogelang Manyisa.

Well, for a start, let us start with introducing these young celebrities.

Dj Melzi is a South African music producer and socialite, he is very known for his musical skills and claiming to have make most of his fortunes from forex trading, not just that, he is also known for his shouty lifestyle an dating The BomSA.

TheBomb RSA, she is a South African female socialite, she is no singer anyway but is very famous for her God given assets which many claim to be from surgery not natural backside. She is very active on social media, especially Instagram; where she shares some sultry images to keep her followers entertained. The Bimb is known to be dating DJ Melzi.

Amogelang Manyisa, here is our mystery lady, whom we’ve not seen or heard little about. Well, she came to limelight as a result of rumors going online that she was the one Dj Melzi cheated on her girlfriend with.

What We Know For Sure About The Alleged Cheating

Well, being a celebrity and dating a young girl as The Bomb aka Andiswa Selepe. is not that easy especially when youre entangled in a rumor of cheating; fans will want to eat you alive.

This whole saga started when Dj Melzi was spotted with a lady in the North West.

Initially, not Dj Melzi nor her girlfriend commented on the allegation, but as the rumor got stronger, they had to come off their shells.

The rumors had it that when DJ Melzi was seen in his car with another Instagram Model by name, Amogelang Manyisa.

With the compelling allegation, the piece of evidence attached to it does not mark the rumor as true. Well their could be some fishy stuffs, but a guy having another girl in his car (without any intimate or suspecting body movement) does not amount to cheating.

This allegation comes forth as DJ Melzi is currently working hard to share his album, this October.

DJ Melzi and The Bomb both have been together for sometime now, and Melzi has engaged her, and they are both planning to have a family together (so we think).

Who is Amogelang Manyisa, Is DJ Melzi cheating with her?

Read up more about the profile of Amogelang Manyisa who is a model and also a fashion blogger.

Well, another statement surfaced that the lady in question is nothing but Dj Melzi;s cousin. We do not really know that for sure.

DJ Melzi and The Bomb: Are they Married?

DJ Melzi and The Bomb are set to be married very soon.

The music producer proposed the model a few months back in 2021. The couple dated for some time before decided to take the big step.

The 19-year-old has been in a committed relationship with his fiance for more than a year. Her real name is Andiswa Selepe. She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

DJ Melzi finally made a statement and has not agreed to the rumor, he has this to say below.