Nasty C ft Blxckie – Ye Ye Ye Ye (New Song Lyrics)

Nasty C ft Blxckie Ye Ye Ye Ye (New Song Lyrics) Mp3 Download Fakaza

Download Nasty C Ye Ye Ye Ye Mp3 : It is a new day, and so we have another track for you.

This time the song comes from a South African singer, Nasty C ft Blxckie.

The SA sensational singer came through with a song some time ago, though not recent but still worth your time.

Ye Ye Ye mp3 is just a great and nice song from the South African hit maker.

Stream or download “Nasty C ft Blxckie Ye Ye Ye Ye” for free below.

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Nasty C ft Blxckie Ye Ye Ye Song Lyrics


Ye ye ye ye, huh
Ye ye ye ye, huh
Ye, huh, ye, huh
Ye, huh, ye, huh
Ye ye ye ye, huh
Ye ye ye ye, huh
Ye, huh, ye, huh
Ye, huh, ye, huh

verse 1 [Blackie]
Ye nigga what’s ha’nin’
Seventh letter of the alphabet
Real G, nigga, no wagon
All facts no cappin’, ye
Run it up, take a tally, ye
Run it up, take a standing, ye
I’mma slide on the beat
I’mma die over the… ye
I’mma dive in the T
H.O.T, that is a THOT
I’m in pot, P.O.T
I’m tryna do it on camera baby what’s ha’nin’, ye, P.O.V
I be so high none of you ashy niggas can handle
That’s on me, that’s on me


verse 2 [Nasty C]
I just landed in, the guap, the guap
LOL I just landed in London
My pockets be talking and trashing and singing and shit
Your pockets still humming
Blxckie he passed me the ball and I dunked it
Or I shoot at the three
Going dummy, going stupid indeed
Now touch of the phone and Uber the fleets
How do I know that she fluent in Greece
I could tell you but you wouldn’t believe
Fucking with me, you bruise, you bleed
Now let a nigga count his money in peace
Me and the gang play catch and release
Catching a hoe, send her back to the skreets
Oh she tryna have a baby with me
Stupid ass girl, you as dumb as can be


verse 3 [Blxckie]
How do you feel about being so saucy, ye
That’s what they ask me, ye
I be so fly like a fucking saucer, ye
I’m like an alien
Tweet the bag and my shoe box
? money, two Glocks
I be flyer than an eagle, you be flyer than a peacock
You be flyer than a dodo
Your guy tryna take photos
That’s the tea no Joko
That’s a really big no-no
Big drip, big splash, big coco
You gon need a poncho
Pulling up at the door like qoqo, tryna put my dogs on

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