Who Is Advocate Teffo, Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022, (Advocate Teffo Qualifications)

Who Is Advocate Teffo, Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022, (Advocate Teffo Qualifications)

Who Is Advocate Teffo, Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022, (Advocate Teffo Qualifications)

Who Is Advocate Teffo?

Teffo was the defense lawyer representing the accused men numbering four in the murder case of the Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa, he was arrested in the afternoon of Thursday at the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on 27th January 2022.

He was hand-cuffed and taken down to the court’s holding cells just after the Meyiwa murder trial was shifted. The arrest was not made discretely but in the full view of the media.

Teffo Biography

Teffo is a South African defence lawyer and advocate, who was born and raised South Africa, he was appointed to represent 4 of the 5 suspects in Bafana Bafana participant Senza Meyiwa’s murder trial. Jus before the courtroom adjourned on Thursday, Teffo abruptly halted cross-examining the State’s first witness, forensic fieldworker Sergeant Thabo Mosia.

Age (How Old Is Teffo? Teffo Date Of Birth)

Currently, we do not know the date of birth of the lawyer, no media outlet nor the advocate has ever shown how old ADV Teffo is currently. But in due time, we shall come up with some specific answers.

However, from our sense of judgement from his pictures being circulated, we guess he would be in his mid 60’s.

Net Worth 2022

No public record has been see to contain the official net worth of the defense advocate for the year 2022.

Advocate Teffo Qualifications

Melesela Teffo’s history isn’t accessible on the Wikipedia page yet.

In any case, we take care of all that to be aware of Teffo in this article for our perusers and watchers.

Teffo is a promoter and legal advisor from South Africa, he is at present addressing four of the five suspects in Bafana player Senza Meyiwa’s homicide preliminary.

Under the watchful eye of court concluded on Thursday, Teffo unexpectedly halted interrogating the State’s most memorable observer, criminological fieldworker Sergeant Thabo Mosia. Teffo then, at that point, began discussing his life being at serious risk and getting demise dangers as indicated by News 24.

Much data on his own life has not risen to the top yet, he has not uncovered anything about his experience and his family to the news sources or the overall population.

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