Thami Ndlala Biography, Age, Business, Net Worth, Cars & Houses

Thami Ndlala Biography, Age, Business, Net Worth, Cars & Houses

Thami Ndlala Biography, Net Worth, Age, Business, Cars and Houses, His Wife Lerato, Pictures

Thami Ndlala Biography : Thami Ndlala is a popular South African figure who is a Mpumalanga businessman.

She became known getting married to a TV personality Lerato Kganyago. Well, the interesting part of the story is that the marriage did not last as it ended in divorce just about 2 months of their highly hyped wedding.

Below we have Thami Ndlala’s profile, Age, Husband, Business, Net Worth, Cars & Houses, Lerato, Pictures

Thami Ndlala Biography Biography

For more accurate date, we have gone through his company websites to get the full biography of Mr Thami Ndlala.

He was born and brought up in a small village in Mpumalanga, it is believed that he was instilled with responsible character during his childhood days in the boarding schools he attended, also from a young age he learnt to be independent.

His life is a reflection of his late father, chief Joe Ndlala whose one dream was to serve and better the community, in continuation his son has followed the footsteps of his father.


Thami Ndlala is 40 years as at this year 2020. He was born in 1980.


Thami Ndlala attended a higher institution where he partly studied Bsc in International Business Studies, he later quit to try out luxury transport business.

Thami Ndlala Cars and houses

Thami has his love for auto mobile as he bought Ferrari and Rolls Royce which he added to his fleet of cars. He also revealed that he is the founder of Two Ndlala Brothers which is a part of his luxury transportation business.

Reports have it that the business guru does not have a house of his own. Strange yea?

Net Worth

Right now, we can not pin his net worth to a specific amount, but from the information gathered, Thami Ndlala has a net worth of about R1 billion


He is a philanthropist and according to the website of his company, it says and we quote; “With fortunes on his side he understood that it was just the beginning of his birth right to help where he could through the Joe Ndlala Foundation which he established after the passing of his father. To date the Foundation has seen over 80 kids from disadvantaged backgrounds be enrolled in Private Schools to replicate the inspiration he got when he was young.”

Thami Ndlala Businesses

Some of the popular businesses registered to the name of the business guru include; luxury car transport business, Two Ndlala Brothers, Thami Ndlala holdings where he offers asset acquisition consultancy, business consultancy and development, project management etc, Adorantha.

The mission of Adorantha include; improving the health quality of South Africans, and improvement of level of productivity in workplaces through subsidized Healthcare and counseling, and also Employee Assisted Programs all over the nation.

Wife, Marriage and divorce to Lerato Kganyago

Thami Ndlala got married to the South African TV presenter and celebrity named Lerato Kganyago. Their wedding took place in March and it was indeed a colouful event.


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