Nelly Anele Tembe, Cause Of Death, Funeral, Age, Biography, Hilton Hotel Cape Town

Nelly Anele Tembe Cause Of Death, Funeral, Age, Net Worth 2021 Biography, Hilton Hotel Cape Town

Nelly Anele Tembe, Cause Of Death, Funeral, Age, Net Worth 2021 Biography, Hilton Hotel, Pepper Club Hotel Elfi Ella Cape Town

With a very heavy heart, we announce the passing away of the popular South African female celebrity, Nelly Tembe aka Anele Tembe; here we have a few information to share like ; Nelli Cause Of Death, Funeral, Age, Biography, Controversy Around The Hilton Hotel and Pepper Club Hotel Elfi Ella Cape Town South Africa.

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Nelly Anele Tembe, Age, Biography, Net Worth

Firstly, I would like to introduce her to you. Nelly who was also known as Anele was a young female celebrity who was born and raised in South Africa.

She dated the popular South African singer AKA till the time of her death which occurred today, 11th April 2021, what a tragic incidence.

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Nelly Anele Tembe, Cause Of Death, Hilton Hotel Cape Town & Funeral

Okay, earlier today around 2pm in the afternoon I was checking up on my Twitter feeds then I began to see some trending tags #RIP Nelly Tembe; at first I hoped it was not real. Then i went over to google to make some searches, alas it is true.

I was really sad and devastated, then i immediately began to check what happened to the pretty young girl who was engaged to by AKA just a few weeks ago.

At first, I must say I was confused. Some reports say she committed suicide, ie she jumped off a building, while some says it was a building collapse.

Well, I thought I should do my job and tell who ever is interested what really happened.

Nelly Anele Tembe Cause Of Death

To be real honest most news online are based on speculations, from which I am drawing out my own points (i may be wrong too). Anele Tembe was reportedly in a club last night named  Pepper Club Hotel Elfi Ella, in Cape Town South Africa as at this morning.

There was never any recent history oh her having any issues with her boy friend AKA, nor anyone for that matter.

At first, I thought, she COULD NOT have killed herself, I wanted to believe the building collapse, at least I would have been a bit relieved that she didnt cause her own death, but our wishes do not com to pass sometimes.


No image of collapsed building was seen, pictures I have seen after the incidence shows the building is still standing with no form of collapse.

Then why did she fall?

Really, I am still confused!

Did she overdose?

Was she pushed?

Did she mistakenly miss her step or slide off when she maybe wanted to stand over the building and take a look from up there? I really have been asking myself these questions, so I decided to research on more.

Again, let us not forget that she was in the club with her lover the previous night, and the video clip showed they had a good time.

Okay, here is the weird part, it was alleged that she had tried to kill herself before, by attempting to fall off the hotel before, it says “in her final year back in November a visual surfaced of her making an attempt to leap off the Hilton went viral on social media and AKA has been reportedly serving to her to cope with melancholy and even obtained her into counselling“, i really can not confirm or deny this statement.

According to someone who chose to speak about the death who says that he is shocked by her suicide as Nelli appeared comfortable in her Instagram tales. The source further stated,  “Depression is real. I watched her stories she seemed very happy and they’re too cute together”.

It looks like she had something she was battling that she did not let out to the world. Whatever it was I really miss her.

I was actually looking forward to the marriage ceremony of the both celebrities.


Currently, there has been no plans of any funeral, I guess we should give the both families (The Tembe family and Forbes family) time to make their plans.

Stay with us as we will update you with any new information or once the police concludes their investigation and announces the real cause of death.

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