Lady Zamar Biography, Age, Songs, Boyfriend & Facebook

Lady Zamar Biography, Age, Songs, Boyfriend & Facebook

Lady Zamar Biography, Her Age, Boyfriend, Songs & Facebook

Lady Zamar Biography : Yamikan Janet Banda is the popular South African celebrity who by profession is a singer.

The SA artiste who is known as Lady Zamar is not just a singer but a philanthropist and a renowned businesswoman.

She was conceived in South Africa, in a small village named Tembisa, she is popularly known for her musical works and some of her known and good works include Love is Blind, Pitori, Dark Shadows, Mamelodi.

We feel that, fir the fact that she is business inclined and also a good and fashionable artiste, she decided to create her own label, Zamar Entertainment brand.

When it comes to her privacy, we’d say she values it a lot. The female businesswoman and emcee chooses to hide her private life away from the media and camera.

Again, she may be a private person as she keeps her birth date or even some events like her birthday celebration away from the public.


Interestingly, Zamar does not entirely have a South African root, her dad was a native of Zambia while her mum a South African. She has different culture with some of her siblings.

We may also add that her growing up was a sort of confusing as she had to deal with coming to terms with two unique cultures.

In an interview, she stated how her parents have two different cultures. She also revealed that it was not easy for her because she did not know where she stood in life or maybe the culture she should define herself with.

She also added that it was not their parent’s fault, at least it was just love. She chipped in that her parents could not understand each others’ language and had to communicate in English when they met initially.


In 2017, she came forth with a new song named “My Baby”, the song title made the face of the media to be turned towards her.

She was later asked if she was in any relationship, her answer turned out negative, she said and we quote; “No, not at all. I’m not in a relationship, I actually just came out of one recently. It’s not a big thing though“.

She later revealed that she wrote that track recanting about her first love which funny enough was her hobby, which was teaching and writing.

She also said that she wanted to head for Korea and start teaching there but after Junior Taurus and her dropped Run Away which was lit,  she decided to remain in South African and keep doing music.

Zamar also revealed that she felt bad after her musical carer zoomed off and she had to forsake her hobby which was teaching and getting into the studio, though she said as a result of depression she did not go to the studio for  like five months because she always thought about teaching

Music Career


Cotton Candy – 2015

King Zamar – 2017

Out Of My League – 2017


Some of her good songs are listed below.

  • Collide
  • My Baby
  • It’s You – Dreaming
  • Love Is Blind
  • What You Need
  • El’Diego
  • Mamelodi
  • Hell No
  • Poison
  • Kissing
  • Pitori
  • Moonlight
  • Games
  • More To Life
  • Stranger
  • Gravity
  • Remember
  • Sophiatown
  • King & Queen
  • Cotton Candy
  • Magic
  • Illusion
  • Prayer For Love
  • Truly Amazing
  • What Happens In…Stays In…
  • Ziah
  • 8th Wonder
  • Bang Bang


Lady Zamar is really active on facebook, and you can check her out on her Facabook Page, stay tuned on Hophopafrika for more updates.