Bontle Mbatha Biography, Net Worth, Age, Amablesser Music Video, Boyfriend, Instagram

Bontle Mbatha Biography, Net Worth, Age, Amablesser Music Video, Boyfriend, Instagram

Bontle Mbatha Biography, Net Worth, Age, Amablesser Music Video, Boyfriend, Instagram, Twitter, Snow, Facebook

Let is talk about an Instagram influencer, Bontle Mbatha; her Biography, Net Worth, Age, Amablesser Music Video, Boyfriend, Twitter, Snow, Twitter, Facebook etc

Bontle Mbatha Biography

Bontle Mbatha is an South African female Instagram influencer, the emcee began to gain fame when she featured in the Amablesser hit amapiano music video.

After that, she then gained for her self much more huge following not just on Instagram but on Twitter and Facebook.

Bontle Mbatha

Bontle Mbatha Amablesser Music Video

Like we stated earlier, she was not a popular fellow before she featured on the hit amapiano song, then she used to have very few Instagram following compared to what she is having currently.

People actually took note of her beauty when she appeared in the short music video who acted a role of a high school girl that cheated on her boyfriend with a richer man who is older (blesser).

From there, lots of people began to ask about her, so much so that a few accounts popped up on Instagram impersonating to her. Then, it was actually to see which of the account was actually hers because she even had less following compared to the fake accounts.

But, that is not the case today as she is now at a whopping 300k followers, back then she could only boast of about 10k.

She then gained fame and inspires a lot of other young girls out there. Her IG handle gets as much engagement when compared to a few popular celebrities in the country.

She sees herself as a very kind soul and she claims to do live chats with her followers at times and it was reported that in one of those moments she did a live chat with some followers, she got so overwhelmed that she started crying.

Bontle Mbatha Age (Date of Birth)

How old is Bontle? No one is indeed sure as he has never some up on any public space to talk about herself, neither has any publication been made about her.

But from her body stature and looks, Bontle should be less that 20 years of age.

Bontle Mbatha Net Worth

Her only asset currently is her social media accounts, and from her number of followers, we will pin her estimated net worth at about $10,000.

Bontle Mbatha Boyfriend / Love Life / Pregnancy

No information has been shared about her relationship status, as to if she’s even gay or heterosexual. But a girl of her type usually is into relationships with the opposite sex. No boyfriend has been spotted, neither has she been pregnant before as of when the publication is made in November 2020.

Bontle Mbatha Instagram Snow, Twitter, Facebook 

Here is the link to her Instagram account, Twitter, Facebook.

Bontle Mbatha Beautiful Pictures


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