Ami Faku Biography, Music Career, Imali, Record Label, Songs & Instagram

Ami Faku Biography, Career, Imali, Record Label, Songs & Instagram

Ami Faku Biography, Music Career, Imali, Record Label, Songs & Instagram

Ami Faku is a South African artist and lyricist known for her music, she calls “present day Afro-soul”. The quickest rising star has a novel style of music as she mixes soul with present day pop and customary Afro-soul sensibilities.

She has discharged hit singles including “Love Drunk”, “Ubuhle Bakho,” “Ndikhethe Wena” which are over and over found on the SA radio graph.

Ami was included in the single “Into Ingawe”, by Sun El-Musicians and this tune is one of the present hits in the nation. Inside three (3) weeks after its discharge, the melody arrived at one million streams.

The vocalist and musician guarantee her verses are straightforward. “My music depends on contacting you with a specific goal in mind,” she says, including, “I don’t have a divider, that is my image.”

She showed up in the business through the Television ability appear, The Voice SA, in 2017. At that point she despite everything performed music under her administration name Amanda Faku.

In a meeting, she shared her experience on The Voice SA. “It’s just about never surrendering, and realizing that you have something to offer, and realizing that you’ll be valid and reliable.”

She was affected by the congregation, reggae, hip-jump, and anything she tuned in to.

“I realized I could sing in chapel. I’m affected by chapel, reggae, hip-jump, and anything that I tune in to. I gaze upward to such huge numbers of craftsmen. I don’t have one icon, I have many. So I surmise that impacts how I approach my songwriting and my tunes.” she said

She found her music composing ability after her first visit to the studio at 18 years old.

Most occasions her music experience originates from her past encounters and some of the time from someone else’s.

“Like the title track on my collection Imali (cash); I was once in a circumstance where I felt like things weren’t working out, and it was only obscurity all through. I’ve left that place, yet I know there are individuals that are still there, and that melody is fundamentally about them, the individuals who are supplicating and nothing is working out in a good way.”

“In this way, few times, it’s things I’ve encountered, things others have encountered, and things I realize that I’ve deserted individuals and they are as yet encountering”, she said.

Record Label

Despite the fact that Ami left the opposition she grabbed the eye of the record label Vth Season. Ami Faku is presently marked to the record label Vth Season.

“The special first night stage hasn’t finished at this point, so we are a lot of as yet taking care of one another strawberry (giggles). I’m making some extraordinary memories. We are still extremely glad. No bad things to say.”

“They don’t control a craftsman. You have the opportunity to communicate in the manner you might want to in your music, they give you that.”

“Along these lines, for me, it doesn’t feel like I’m even marked. It just feels like I have individuals helping me get where I generally needed to be,” she clarified.


  • Love Drunk – Single (2018)
  • Babuyile (2018)
  • Ndikhethe Wena (2018)
  • Imali (2019)
  • Ungowam
  • Into Ingawe (2019)
  • Lose You
  • Ndiyeke (2019)
  • Ubuhle Bakho (2019)
  • Inde Lendlela (2019)
  • Mbize (2019)