“Release The Python” Cover Artwork By AKA, New Album or Single?

Release The Python Cover Art by AKA, New Album or Song

“Release The Python” Cover Artwork By AKA, New Album or Song?

Just about 24 hours ago, South African hiphop artiste by name AKA came through with an art work with title Release The Python”, question: Are we expecting an album or single track music?

Just before we get to that question, let us quickly remind ourselves that we are in the “music release” season.

Well artistes will be struggling hard to make impact before the year runs out.

They won’ surely wanna leave their artistes in limbo, and thirsting or sourcing for songs else where.

This should go a long way to explain the new music alerts we have been getting recently.

AKA is a reputable South African and also a talented hip hop artiste whose work of art is undeniably good.

The young man has successfully dropped a number of songs and a some good albums through out his music career.

The Jika crooner seems to be on the move yet again as a new music updated comes from his social media account.

In the recent update, AKA leaves his followers on suspense as he shared a new artwork which has the hashtag Release The Python.

However, we can not say for sure if the coming project may be a new album or just song.

Not long ago, the South African rapper shared with us three hot new tracks.

The new song are as follows Cross My Heart, Energy and Monuments and he has successfully shared the music videos of 2 songs out of the three.






This leaves us to the question, Will Release The Python come through as an Album or Single.

We are not sure, but here is our brief analysis.

The last studio album from AKA was Touch My Blood which was dropped in 2018.

Since the two years, the artistes has been able to share at least half a dozen of good songs.

Possiby, he might have some other sounds in his vault meaning he might be dropping an album.

Also judging with the title, that sounds like a title AKA would use on an album, rather than single.

Please note, we may me wrong, but in any way, we are highly awaiting the new release.


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