A New Song From “Zanda Zakuza, Nomcebo Zikode ft. Master KG” Coming Soon?

A New Song From "Zanda Zakuza, Nomcebo Zikode ft. Master KG" Coming Soon?

A New House Song (Possibly Named Pray For Zanda Zakuza) Is Coming From “Zanda Zakuza, Nomcebo Zikode ft. Master KG”, New Song Snippet Is Out Already.

We are not done with Jerusalema song yet which definitely traveled across the African countries and beyond, and and it seems that Zanda Zakuza, Nomcebo Zikode ft Master KG are cooking up a new jam again which may be named Pray For Zanda Zakuza after the artistes shared a song snippet and subsequently an update with the hashtag #PrayForZandaZakuza. Excited? yeeaaa!!!.

Well, no African who loves good music would deny of not hearing Jerusalema Β yet, at least if not in your playlist, but around your neighborhood or nearby shop, radio, TV, Youtube, someone singing to it or just anywhere.

Not to over hype, but Jerusalema is a song which really left a mark in South African music industry, thanks to Zanda Zakuza, Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode.

These three are a perfect match when it comes to good music.

Well, we may not need to introduce one of the artistes, as we already have the biography of Master KG on our platform.

However, for starters, Master KG is a South African talented artiste who has been around the corner making some good music for his fans but went viral when he shared the song tagged Jerusalem.

He loved to work closely with Nomcebo and Zanda Zakuza (as producer) and guess what, they are fire.

Please take a few minutes out and check out their last song together.

Impressed?? i’m sure you are if done via a good sound system.

That being said, imagine the trio coming together to offer another and yet more refined song, i cant wait to stream or download it, i mean, it is going to be super great.

Hey, i’ve got a spoiler alert for y’all.

The trio was in the studio cooking, yea. Cooking…. not food you know.

They are about coming forth with a blasting tune.

Just some days back, we got a new update from the producer, Zanda Zakuza.

He assured us that a new song will be dropping soon, he even did well to share the snippet of the song.

The song preview featured the three artistes and the video is currently available on the social media.

Check out the snippet on Instagram below.

We hope you’re really glad to hear from the trio soon, because i’m super excited.

Speculations have it that the song may be titled Pray for Zanda Zakuza, we are not sure yet but this is the opinion of a blog page which you may read about here.

Share with us your thoughts via the comment section below. Stay tuned for the new song from Zanda Zakuza Nomcebo Zikode ft Master KG.

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