Kaeb & Parley Wang – Crown

Kaeb & Parley Wang – Crown Mp3 Download Fakaza

Kaeb & Parley Wang – Crown Mp3 Download Fakaza & Song lyrics

Download Kaeb & Parley Wang – Crown Mp3 : It is a new day, and so we have another track for you.

This time the song comes from a South African singer, Kaeb & Parley Wang.

The SA sensational singer came through with a song some time ago, though not recent but still worth your time.

Crown Lyrics mp3 is just a great and nice song from the South African hit maker.

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Download Crown & Song Lyrics

There is no ‘I’ in team but I gotta get it for the team & I
Control the game I’m in & you cannot get me to switch sides
Swift approach like I’m Taylor
See I’m cut from a different cloth
I’m interested in revenge
My payback has an added cost
Talking music or you talking rap
You ain’t talking pay you talking yap
I’m stuck here in this small pond
The biggest fish like what a catch
Telling me to go crazy
I already went loco
I cannot stay local
Minds always been global
Skeletons in my closet
DEAD. that’s a killer outfit
A lot of people talk about me
We don’t ever talk about it
Lord knows I just landed
Give me strength to be the landlord
Parley Wang my handle
Your touchy bitches get handled
I’m Dapper Gangs Commando
Fucking with me is a no-go
The underdog with the low blows
No perfect picture we do not pose
From the thorns look how he rose
Fork road on the path I chose
My rear view you are not close
I’m throwing two’s to all my foes
I’m Mr Raymond with the latest album
Ushering a new era in
I’m not signing blindly
Need to see zeros there within
War ready got it built in
I’m breaking through & breaking in
We be G’s like the Gibbs, bro
I already called dibs so

PMG in TMB yea TBH
I been rep’
You can’t ask me how my set been
You can see they been set
You can’t start shit in my ends
Can’t get friendly with my friends
Remember they used to curve me
I’m going Beckham for my Benz
I know this life is a bitch
I’m bout to give her the full thrust
I’m like a dealer on call
I push wherever I pull up
I gotta get it my nigga yea
I gotta get it
I gotta get it I-I-I-I
I want a big pool with small waisted thick girls skinny dipping
I heard they waited for me & the scales tipping
I’m on a journey you been tripping
See I rock ,I been sipping
That vodka take me straight to the top
The cornerstone build to the top
Big tings pop small tings stop
This Parley Wang & Kae B
Ain’t nobody here safe g
This that fuck your grey, lines/areas
No’s, probables, maybes
This the new level with new devils got my flame thrower with me
Mission complete fore I sleep
Woke up told the girl next to me Bitch I’m up-

Hey CJ! Kings perish but the crown persists, I’m the crown jewel they can’t fuck with this (x2)

I wake up in the morning preferably with a woman, meditate on my fate smoke some weed send praises to the most high, sing praises to the most high