Download 2020 Uthando Nesthembu Theme Song Ngiyazifela

Uthando Nesthembu Theme Song Ngiyazifela Download 2020 Mp3

Uthando Nesthembu 2020 Theme Song Ngiyazifela Mp3 Download Fakaza

One of Mzansi Magic’s most loved and watched TV dramas is back and it tried to bring the show from the absolute first second.

Wearing another look and feel just as another signature tune, fans were taken right once again in with the general mish-mash of things with the Mseleku family as Musa and his spouses (MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe) gave refreshes about all that has been going on in their lives since we last observed them.

MaCele is opening her own eatery, MaYeni runs her own boutique obliging hefty size ladies, MaKhumalo has wandered into mining and MaNgwabe is working diligently with her investigations while shuffling a work and parenthood.

Sadly for MaKhumalo and Musa, the pair’s ripeness battles proceeded with this season after last season finished with the disclosure that MaKhumalo would not have the option to imagine normally because of the present status of her fallopian tubes. This, notwithstanding, doesn’t imply that she can’t look for clinical mediations in her excursion to parenthood. The main thing hindering her will be her ardent, conventional spouse, who won’t have an infant by means of clinical help.

Top Moments in the Uthando Nesthembu Season 4

1. Musa states that his sons will be polygamists (though they really don’t want to)

Lovers and followers of the show were left amazed after Musa sat three of his sons down and asked them that they will have to be polygamists even if it was not their wish.

I relation to the Mseleku patriarch, this is because tradition dictates that someone from his lineage should marry someone from MaKhumalo’s family and have children with them in order to continue the legacy of that household.

This means a lot to Musa because of his previously talked about his plans of of having at least 20 children. He actually had 10.

As a reply to his request, his sons expressly said their minds to become monogamists after having been raised up in a polygamous household and saying that the life just is not for them.

2. Musa’s wives do not like his job as the host of Mnakwethu

Surprisingly, Musa’s wives revealed that they dnt like his other show just as many women across the country do.

His first wife seems to be most vocal about the issue, MaCele who stated her disdain for the show, which she views as a weapon for married men to legitimize their cheating.

She also was not glad about the fact that her husband was somewhat aiding and also abetting this behavior.

Though she did not say as much as the first wife, MaNgwabe also was noticeably upset during the course of conversation.

While on the topic of infidelity, Musa once again stated his wish to take on another wife. Something his lovers have all put their foot down about, especially the first, MaCele, who has more power to call the shots.

3. MaCele’s statements about Musa’s cheating

MaCele shared some strong statements alluding to the fact that Musa may not be loyal on his other wives and that they may not have known about it.

This after he jokingly stated about taking on an official girl friend and getting her pregnant to ensure her place in his family even if his wives refuse his request to get another woman.

All his wives asides the first were uncharacteristically silent during his discussions with MaCele but something tells us this drama is far from being over…

2020 Uthando Nesthembu Season 4 Theme Song Ngiyazifela

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