Ever Heard About The Amapiano Tune “Impempe Ye Piano”?

Impempe Ye Piano Amapiano Song (Whistle girl) By Rafiki Rhythms

Ever Heard About The Amapiano Music “Impempe Ye Piano”?

South Africans and other people who love amapiano might have come across the Impempe Ye Piano song, about the amapiano whistle girl, let’s talk about it more below, shall we?

Well, before we start talking about the song which is currently trending in South Africa, let me quickly serve a reminder which may also serve as a disclaimer.

Impempe as a song name does not exist as a unique name. Fans of Distruction Boyz will agree with me that the music group had released something similar about two years back.

Wanna learn the difference? yea, Distruction Boyz are South African afro house artistes who focus more on Gqom house genre, and about two years ago, the duo came through with a hard gqom beat bearing the title Impempe.

The song version by Distruction Boyz could be seen in their 2018 studio album “It Was All A Dream”, and guess what, that is not the song we mean.

Do not be deceived please, there are other South Africa artistes who have released some nice songs with the same song title, Impempe at least, African Roots, Daflames, Vigro Deep all have their own fine edition.

However, we are here to present to you the amapiano version of a rather silent South African piano artistes, Rafiki Rhythms.

Actually, when the song was dropped originally, the track was not quite popular, but thanks to our South African amapiano girl, Renei Solana the song is now popular,

The track like stated above was dropped by Rafiki Rhythms around April this year, 2020.

Afterwards there was an amapiano challenge; An amapiano whistle challenge actually.

That was when we got to know about the song and the girl who used her whistle to become a celebrity.

Renei Solana is a South African young lady who during the amapiano challenge was indeed spectacular and was at her best dance moves, assisted by the whistle in her mouth which she was blowing to the beats of the Impempe song.

Her video was so viral that people began to go back and search for the artiste and the original version of the amapiano music.

Below, we have some videos, the first is a compilation of amapiano dances, whistle and so on from SA individuals, while the second is just it, our girl Renei Solana.

On the video below, we there are two sections, from 1 – 33 seconds features Renei while the rest featured another lady who was all in as Renei.

Do well by watching the video and feel the energy of the young lady.

Finally, if you want to listen to the original song which was dropped by the artiste Rafiki Rhythms, we have you covered.

Check out Impempe Ye Piano below.

Stay tuned on Hiphopafrika.

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