Tebello From Scandal Biography: Age, Real Name & Parents

Tebello From Scandal Biography, Real Name, Age & Family 

Tebello From Scandal Biography, Real Name, Age & Family

Tebello is an actor from a popular South African movie, Scandal. On this page we have few more information about his biography, age and so on.

Tebello Biography / Profile

The biological or real name of Tebello is Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane, he is a South African male actor who became popular from the role he played in the popular movie, Scandal.

The young actor on the e.TV soap opera drama “Scandal’ played the role of Tebello. The child actor’s natural acting character has successfully kept viewrs glued to their screens as his display has been epic and second to none.

On the movie, he acts as an abandoned boy who lives with Yvonne’s mother.

Real Name

As we mentioned earlier on his profile, the biological/real name of the male actor from Scandal is Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane.


You may be wondering how old is Tebello, well, for now we are not sure for his date of birth. But in the movie, he’s a 12 years of age but reports have it that he is actually 10 years old.


We have no words yet on his father, but his mother’s name is Palesa. In a statement released by his mother, she revealed that her son usually is a shy person in real life, but seems very confident while acting.

She also revealed that she is very proud as her son has attained the celebrity status in South Africa. It is important to also chip in that the movie is his first, though his fans finds it hard to believe because of how good he fits into the role.

He gives his thanks to his sister who was the person to convince him to go for the movie audition when she saw an advert slot on Facebook saying there’s need for a child actor.


Lihlonolofatso is currently a Grade 5 student at Laerskool Oospark and he affirmed that he will still finish up his education and would also like to study law just as his sister.

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