Ginimbi Biography, Net Worth 2020, Age, House, Cars

Ginimbi Biography, Net Worth 2020, Age, House, Cars

Ginimbi Biography, Net Worth 2020, Age, House, Cars

Ginimbi is one of those that has recently caught the attention of the internet via his lifestyle, so today we have information about his biography, net worth 2020, age, house, cars and some other fun facts about him

Ginimbi Biography

Okay, for a start, the biological name of the young man is Genius Kadungure but he is otherwise popularly known as Ginimbi.

The young man is a very known Zimbabwean raised and brought up, he comes from a town named Harere.

Ginimbi is known to be a socialite and also a businessman.

Ginimbi Net Worth 2020

Of a truth, we doubt if any reliable source has been able to value the wealth of the young man, we have searched on forbes and other reliable sources, but the current net worth of him is not out yet.

However, from our own guess work and speculations, after there was an internet debate between Ginimbi vs Passion Java concerning their 2020 net worth, we have at least come to a few conclusions.

Firstly, Genius Ginimbi has a surprising number of flashy and expensive cars including at least ; 6 Rolls Royce, 4 Bentley, Land Rover, Ferari spider and so on, and these cars cost millions of dollars.

He also is known to be an oil and gas business man and own a multi-million mansion.

So at best, Ginimbi net worth should actually be rocking around millions of US dollars.

Ginimbi Age

Genius Kadungure was given birth to on 10th October 1984 in a family of 4, at Domboshava Zimbabwe. He loves to be called by his nickname “Ginimbi”, that is the name he publicly labelled himself on his profile on Facebook.

GInimbi House

We may not be so sure about his other buildinsbuildings, but in 2013, the Zimbabwean business mogul was aid to had held a three says consecutive party for the celebration of his new home in Domboshava.


So far, Ginimbi’s mother is late. She was said to have cancer for long till she reportedly succumbed to the disease.

Barely a year ago, he lost his brother named Andrew, and the cause of death has been kept away from the media.

The only relative of Ginimbi we currently are aware of is Mudiwa Hood, they have been best of cousins, till they recently decided to throw jabs at each other, though we do not know if it was serious or just a brotherly jabs. Ginimbi revealed a video of an Instagram Live where he told Mudiwa, that he gets better ladies than him even though he looks more handsome.


Kadungure aka Ginimbi is reported to be a very business minded person as he was said to have started going into small business transactions right from a very young age of about 17, he later became a gas dealer who supplies gas for domestic users.

His first contract was said to be from a friend of his who was a worker at one of the offices at the Angolan Airways.

He subsequently founded the Pioneer Gases and was the Chief Executive Officer of the gas company. The company is said to have it’s branches at Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

He also owns a very popular night club named Dreams Nightlife club which was known previously as Club Sankayi.

Genius is reported to be the co-founder of Celebs4Change campaign, the campaign has surely received lots of assistance from A-list celebs from most countries in Africa, who have given their time, efforts and even gifts to people in need.


Ginimbi is actually a strong auto lover as he has some ridiculously costly automobiles an average person can not afford. Watch the video from his Instagram below to see his cars collection.

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Passion Java Vs Ginimbi

It is no news that the Zimbabwean Prophet, Passion Java and Ginimbi had engaged in an online duel.

The Flamboyant prophet and business man suggested and advised that fans should not compare him to Genius  because he hails from the rural areas.

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