Darkovibes, Biography & Net Worth


Darkovibes, Biography & Net Worth And Facts

Hiphopafrika undoubtedly is one of the online sites where clarity is rest assured. We will be bringing to your knowledge, facts you need to know about the popular African, Darkovibes.

Darkovibes is a Ghanaian born songwriter, singer and also a fashionista. He is best known for his unique style of dressing. Darkovibes is also known for his song titled β€˜Mercy’ but as you read further, you shall discover more him that you knew nothing of.


Paul Nii Amu Andrew Darko prevalently known as Darko Vibes, was conceived in 1995 in Labone, Accra, Ghana. Darkovibes biography is surprising and ingrains a lot of motivation and consolation. He offers a beam of want to individuals trying to make it throughout everyday life except confronting numerous difficulties. He demonstrates that there is promising end to present circumstances.

Net Worth

Darkovibes’ wealth is from his music career, his estimated net worth is about $1 million to $5 million.


Darkovibes is a remarkable music craftsman who, in the same way as other others, woke up because of being near and encountering the music creation process. In the wake of meeting his companion and maker “vacs” who worked in a studio at mallam, they started to investigate music creation a couple of months in the wake of perceiving how it’s finished. From rapping to following patterns, he relinquished what was regular at the time looking for something else, a one of a kind and individual style.

When Darkovibes chose to make music as a blend of Ga, Twi, pidgin and English (with the initial two being nearby Ghanaian tongues) he was firmly restricted by his companions and quick guides. His uncommon drive, commitment, and splendid capacity to integrate each of the four dialects promptly got evident to his faultfinders. His mix of tunes, vibes and exciting mark shouts got him perceived by “illuminati” and “koene” hit-making maker magnom.

The two worked together to deliver a few melodies for media transmission goliath MTN before the dispatch of the MTN beat crusade. His snappy chime in snare collected a lot of fans and quickly turned into the object of reverence of huge industry artistes like Joey B and Edem to make reference to a couple. He handles subjects, for example, love, enthusiasm and devotion in his music with consistency a quality that will fuel him through the following decade and over. In spite of the fact that Darko is new to the music business, his imaginative greatness is in high rigging and delivers some diverse and compelling work that encapsulates the time. Tragically for the vast majority, Darko’s vocation won’t be going anyplace soon, It has quite recently started.


Kpanlogo (2020)


Bo Nor (2018)

Shutdown (2017)

Placebo (2017)

Tomorrow (2017)

Mercy (2016)

Shuga (2016)

Siamese (2016).

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